29years being the FIBC Industry Leader, we are leading the way
DONGYA is a comprehensive packaging enterprise, and FIBC is its core manufacturing business. We mainly serve high-end customers, and are committed to providing high cost-effective packaging products based on conventional and anti-static packages to enterprise manufacturers, providing high reliability packaging solutions for chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries. Our manufacturing base is located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province.
Innovation improving and explore possibilities
We follow up the international advanced technology and keep pace with our international counterparts in equipment upgrading.

The production line has always adopted the international first-class advanced equipment, and the excellent technical personnel are the decisive factors for producing the industry standard grade products.

The latest fully automatic wire drawing machine

Its annual output is 2 million, fully automatic wire drawing, without manual rewinding.

Raw material warehouse of Film Blowing Workshop

Finished product warehouse of Film Blowing Workshop

Film blowing machine Food Grade Film Blowing Workshop

Self-produced food-grade A-type film, B-type film, C-type film.

Customized packaging solutions covering the entire industry
Whether it is product segmentation or personalized customization, we strive to achieve the most appropriate and advanced packaging solutions for each customer.
Food packaging
Pharmaceutical packaging
Pigment packaging
Chemical packaging
Mineral packaging
Plastic packaging
New Energy Materials
Pesticide packaging
We are a high-quality partner of the world's leading enterprises, serving more than 1000+customers for 26 years.
In the future, there will be more.